Is there any entry requirement to RTR III, like points of ranking? 

No. The race is open to anyone who is over 18 years of age - with a sense of adventure. There is no requirement to have completed any other particular event in order to participate in Run The Rann, whichever distance you choose. If you register for either the 161 or 101 km races, we may contact you directly and engage an open and informal discussion about your running experience. We will absolutely not limit the access to those two events to experienced ultra athletes because we have often seen those DNF due to over-confidence when a total newbie would resist, bend but not break and show great dedication and enough mental tenacity to finish within the cut-off timing. Obviously you must be sufficiently trained to undertake the event but again, what does "sufficient" means? It will always be your responsibility to monitor your health and condition during the event and to withdraw from it if you are no longer fit enough to continue. We know that being able to do so requires experience but again, we want to give everyone a chance to participate and enjoy the beauty of our course. It is very tough and demanding with remote sections that will result in slow first aid and rescue response times. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are physically and mentally fit enough to complete the event which may take you up to 46 hours to finish - for the 161 kms race or 28 hours to finish for the 101 kms race.

Is there an age limit to participate in the race? 
What time does the race begin? 
Can I cancel my registration? If yes, how do I go about it? 
What will the running course be like? 
Can I volunteer for the event? 
What fluids and refreshments will be available at the location during the race? 
Is there on the spot medical help available for the runners? 
How do I get in touch with someone at the base camp in case of an emergency on my course? 
What will the weather be like during the time of the race? 
Is there a possibility of rain during the race? 
Is there a cut-off time for completion of all the 3 races? 
Are there transport facilities available to get to the base camp in chance of an emergency on the race? 
Are there transport facilities available to get to the race location? 
Are there any specific things I should be carrying as a runner? 
What are the facilities available on the course during the race? 
Can I transfer my registration to someone else? 
Will I get a refund if I cancel? 
Is there any specific type of clothing and shoes I need to have for the race? 
Can a family member or friend accompany me to the event? 
What's so great about trail running anyway? 
Is this race dangerous? 
I'm a beginner so how do I know if I'm fit enough to finish your event? 
How do I know I'm strong enough to register for 101 km? 
What does it take to tackle the 100 miles - 161km race? 
100 km? 100 miles - 161 km? Can I walk those distances? 
Are all participants supposed to get to race campsite on the same day? 
Will there be any intermediate cut - off time for the race?