Ultra Trail - 161 kms (UTMB Qualifier)

161K (100 miles)  

Run The Rann is an UTMB qualifier with 3 points (5 new) in the 161 kms category awarded by ITRA (International Trail Running Association)

The 161 kms race segment poses extraordinary challenges. You will start off with everyone else and when 51 kms runners turn around to sprint towards Dholavira, the base camp, you head further along with the 101 kms runners.

The north side is remote and almost never been explored except by Border Security Forces and our race explorers when selecting the route. Very few other human beings have been there, except some local shepherds from time to time. You will run more or less 50 kms on this side. It’s not much but it won’t be easy. You’ll spend your time going up, and down, up and down and up again.

Away from human intervention, the area is only explored by the Border Security Forces. Very few humans have been here, except for the team to chart the race course and local shepherds who wander here from time to time. There are rocks and sand, marsh land and craked desert, thorns and picturesque landscape. It will not be easy, but we never said it would be.

You will create history as you pass through the pages of history when you run through the ruins of ancient Indus Valley Civilization. While you may want to sit back and take in the overwhelming expanse of nothingness, do not forget to run. You have only 45 hours to finish the 161 kms of run!

This is a test of endurance and survival. Tremendous physical and mental strength is required to Brave The Desert.

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Route Map and Elevation Chart

Race Partners 2018

  • Border Security Force
  • Proxima Life
  • Pi Nutrition
  • Himalaya Men
  • Sterling Hospitals
  • Divya Physiotherapy Clinic
  • Webinfinium Technologies